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For Rent - Apartment for Rent

Property ID:S00460B
Rental Price:$1200 (free:cleaning,wifi,cable TV,garbage collection,motor parking,…)
Location:near Wat Phnom

-2 nice balconies
-2 bedrooms:2 beds big windows(pretty beds,soft mattress,end table,air conditioner,wardrobe)
-2 bathrooms:bath cabinet,water heater,sink
-beautiful living room:pretty sofa and flat screen TV
-Modern Western Kitchen:gas stove and tanks,fridge,washing machine
-furniture:fully furnished
-parking lot

Please Contact Professional Real Estate Agent via:
***Tel:(+855)016 926468/012 254492
***(+855)012 254492 (WhatsApp,Line,Telegram)
Facebook:Cam Elephant Realty

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